Monday, April 21, 2014

The Gone With the Wind Dress

Was finished, and made it's debut on Saturday—when the twins did, too. This past winter was a cold one, and the girls had very limited outing for the first 3 months—So Saturday was a major day for them—and they were troopers! They garnered more attention and got passed around eagerly--(more popular that a blunt!) They were gracious and well behaved (and still perfect babies—they put on a bit of show about being hungry and wet---but once those issues were resolved, they were all smiles and gurgles again.

I came home exhausted (and the girl clearly were too, by the end of the day!)--and haven't knit a stitch since. I have the sewing bug—and have been bugging out at my machine.

Sunday, I got another pattern laid out—Yet another version of the shirt dress. This one has a yoke, and it's also proper buttons down the front shirt dress –not a zippered one. In a print, so no decorative sewing, just the basic stuff—and with a proper length of fabric, it's a little longer than the pattern suggests (which is above the knee)

It still needs: Sleeves, hems and button holes (buttons, too!)but its looking like a dress. I might work on it again tonight (after dinner) but not tomorrow. I did work on it--and got the sleeves in... I haven't stopped working on it yet--I will get the button holes placed... and the hem folded and pressed and ready to go.

 Tuesday is Earth Day, and since DD is once again promoting the local CSA she helped start, so Nana (me) will be keeping the girls entertained.. We'll get out and take a walk (since the local weather promises to be lovely) and we'll play games and sing songs.. and do all the things grandmother are supposed to do.   

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