Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Yoke is Done (again)

Well almost done, just 3 more rows, (a welt) with no Yarn Over's or K2togethers. I have corralled a bunch of markers, it's time to do the math and set the placement for the sleeves, and get them onto stitch holders.

I am thinking of continuing the lace columns down the body of the sweaters—but I haven't decided yet.. (it will depend on stitch count and where the lace lands on the body...

Stocking knit is boring but baby sweaters aren't that big, so it might be easier to just leave it plain.

That was Tuesday—AM--Since then, not much progress. Most of Tuesday was taken up with laundry--(all 4 loads washed, dried, folded, or hung up and put away!)--And another load sorted for later this week--(Spring cleaning means curtains, and throw pillow, and other miscellaneous cloth to wash—plus some cotton to preshrink before it gets sewn.)

The hard part of the sweaters—the last bit of math-- was done, and documented, the markers added...
Then yesterday, a busy morning, and no progress made (or posting, even!) Yesterday afternoon was unexpectedly busy, too. By the evening, I had no energy go knit. So nothing has changed (well 1 row of purls and markers added) has changed since the last photo (taken on Tuesday AM)

This morning—Some previously preshrunk cotton is getting cut to make a shirt dress—and tomorrow, maybe some more cutting (or sewing) —but first thing tomorrow morning I will be doing is visiting my lovely little granddaughters—and joining them on a visit to the doctor.

I have an urge to sew, and I am going with it. I have some lovely fabric, and some functions (nothing special)—but I still want some new clothes.

The long days are energizing—winters lethargy is finally abating. So now its time to make hay while the sun shines.

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