Monday, April 07, 2014

Third Time is the Charm.

Yes, third time. On Saturday I frogged the 4+ inches I knit back to the ribbing, and started again.

And this time I am satisfied with the look and size of the sweaters. Still lace spokes radiating from the neck but is better balanced, has  better increases, and is, over all, better looking. There is some pooling.. but well that is somewhat the nature of the yarn—and the pools are smaller this go round.

Late Saturday night, I made a mistake--the pattern is simple and these sweaters are almost mindless knitting.--but not mistake proof. I tinked it back 2 rows yesterday morning, and stopped there

I will make the sweaters long—babies change shape, and grow unevenly—I want these sweaters to be a bit big-- so they will still fit in the fall. They are being made with a super wash wool—It's not uncommon to have a few cool days in the summer—but bigger (not too small) is the plan.  I want them to fit for more than a week.   The girls are noticeable bigger than they were just a week ago—Out growing clothes every day.

I haven't bought any buttons yet, but I am thinking one sweater will get blue and the other sweater pink –to differentiate them a bit. The pooling does that a bit already--but its nice to have some differences.  My daughter doesn't make it a habit to dress them the same--well at least not all the time.  But she was "showered" with many matching outfits, and they do, at times, get dressed in matching outfits.  

Yesterday afternoon, the girls were receiving visitors—a houseful! Aunt and uncles, and great aunts and cousins—plus Nana (me). They got their deviled egg hats, too. The hats are still big---but fit better than they did just a few weeks ago—and they were very well mannered and wore the hats to be photographed. I am waiting to get the photos of them with the hats on.  My sister M is the photographer-- she sent dozens of images--but none featured that hats! (you'll have to wait till tomorrow).

I hope a the weather cooperates and presents a cool day when the sweaters are finished—and they will be as cooperative. Hand knits always look better on the human they were intended for.

And then there is this.. Finished and forgotten—I look at it and think I must be losing my mind. Why did I knit this? I hardly ever wear the shawls I knit, to begin with, and never this style of shawl--I like rectangular ones better, and full and half circles, and find triangular ones the least interesting and the least effective for me.. when I am cold, my arms are cold, and this will do nothing for my arms.  I like scarves—pretty lacy ones as accessories, and the occasional one for warmth. but i I ask myself again--why did I knit this?

It's pretty enough—but is one of those mad impulsive projects—totally useless! But is done.

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