Thursday, May 29, 2014

Making Progress

Didn't get much knitting done Monday or yesterday.
I spent the holiday neck deep in the pool—enjoying the sunshine. Tuesday was filled with chores (more to do today) and yesterday I spent with the girls... Poor things. They are teething—and cranky, and just wouldn't settle or take a nap.

We started at the Queens library Mother Goose program—these programs, at libraries all throught the city, are all slightly different at each library, and  are extremely popular--(ever week there are 20 or more parents and children). In some areas, they are 4 programs a day, and there are still some that are turned away. 

Technically the girls are too young, but they are welcome to stay if they are happy.. (but then, that policy applies to all the kids.. Whine or cranky children  are invited to leave (they can come back—in a minute, or 10 minutes or next week)  The girls can't yet clap hands (so patty cake is hard to do!) and they don't yet count (but will learn to count in English, Spanish, and Chinese—they will learn to count to 5 in Japanese, too!), but they do enjoy being part of the group. Eventually, they will learn the songs, and learn colors and learn shapes and participate in all the activities.

The group leader, Miss Debbie is a wonderful jovial woman, who has organized the program and plays games, and sings songs, and reads books at the end of the program.

I got some knitting done on Tuesday, and more done yesterday going to and fro—and then a bit more last night—and all the bits and pieces add up to 3 inches or so of the body done.

I decided on a mock smocking stitch—I am not entirely please with the result. I wish it was more open and lacy—and it's a slow to work stitch. But I am not so disappointed that I want to rip it out and try something else! 

 My original plan was 6 inches of the mock smocking.. but now I am thinking a bit longer...maybe 8 inches—a bit long but I think the sweaters will look and fit better. Even thought the stitch is a bit tedious, I want the sweaters to have a nice balance. The sleeves will be the same stitch—with deep cuffs done in garter stitch.

While out with the girls, DD and I ran some errands. She ran to the bank, and I picked up a skein of Red Heart super saver in bright yellow—I might buy another in a bright red(they were out of stock on the red)—these colors will go well pompom novelty yarn I have. So far, I am making  most things for the girls the same –right down to the color—but as they get older, I think that I won't—they might get the same sweater, but in different colors--as I plan to do with the novelty yarn--or the same colors and different designs.

When they get older still they will have more say...They very clearly have different personalities—and will likely have different taste in colors and clothing. And I have no doubt they will make their wishes known!

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