Monday, May 26, 2014

Sweaters That Fit

I delivered the pink and blue sweaters last week, and my DD is convince they are too big. (At the time, I only had made 1 pair of booties to match—a second pair will be delivered this week) The sweaters are loose –and the cuff of the sleeve needs to be turned up.. So it's true they are are big. But not that big. Babies grow too fast for form fitting clothes.

The girls have double their weight—already (a bit a head of schedule-- they are only 5 months old) , and grown inches and inches.. but she still doesn't get how fast they grow. She had tons of clothes (many recycled) but not too many jackets or sweaters. Holding out for a sweater that fits NOW—is--I think, a bit silly. But she is my DD, and I love her..

So another pair of sweaters is on the needles. A smaller set, one for right now, and not ones to grow into.

Smiley's (one of my LYS's) has some great sales, and I was there last week (on Friday), on the last day of the sale. I didn't buy much—a set of sock yarn (2 50g balls), a pack (yarns are generally sold as they are packed by manufacturer, not, for the most part, as individual balls) of some novelty yarn –not to be used by its self, but as a carry along.
I also bought an other pack (5 skiens) of  yarn; YarnArt's baby—(+ 1 extra ball, because 1 was available, ) and some miscellaneous other odd balls. Some for give always, a set of 3 skeins of wool for a special hat I promised to some one, and 3 50g balls of alpaca for a lacy, but warm scarf.) My free bonus was a set of 4 straight needles (sizes 8 to 10.5)--Sally Bates Crystalites (not a particular favorite, but)

I swore I wasn't going to make any more baby clothes till I finished a silk scarf for me, and a pair of socks..But somehow, I managed to cast on for another pair of sweaters. (Friday night!)

I love leaf/petal motifs.. (you only have to look at my Ravelry project page to see that! Hat with petals, sweaters with leaves, baby sweaters, cowl, scarves.. all with leaf or petal motifs!) but I loved a sweater I saw on Grumperina's page--May 1 entry) the Kina Sweater. .. a yoked sweater with all the increases in the first few rows, creating a puffy gathered effect ..and then just plain knitting. So what I did was to morph these 2 ideas together. These sweaters are puffed, and petaled... and I am so happy with the results.

The petals started out big, and then there were increases every other row for first dozen rows.. All the increases needed (in total) added in the first inch/inch and half of the sweater. Now at 4.5 inches of the yoke is almost done. The petals are complete and the stitch count, unchanged for 2 dozen rows is about right.. The petals puff because there are too many stitches in the early rows.

I will finish the yoke off with a few rows of garter—a row or two of beading too, as a transitional stitch. I want 5 inches for the depth of the armhole, and I am at 4.5. Then as I separate the sleeve stitches from the body, I will change to an over all lace pattern.. (I am not sure which pattern yet!)

Still I have have made good progress in these few day... I love working with fine yarns (this is CYCA #2—a sports weight yarn I think, --slightly heavier than a sock or fingering yarn, but still pretty fine) and worked with a small(ish) size 4 needles. I am getting the ball band suggested gauge—22 stitches per every 4 inches. The previous sweaters were theoretically 'faster to knit” with the bulky yarn and big needles. But these are so much more satisfying! I love the fine details. I won't make these sweaters as big as the last 2—but I know they will work up faster (even though the yarn is smaller) because is so nice to be knitting with this weight of yarn and size of needle.

The details include a banded edge (I started with Judy's magic cast on to make the rolled edge) and—a rare thing (for me) a chained selvage on the garter/button band border. I am knitting both of them bunched together on a single needle—I separated them as if finished the petal to check the size and how they looked. The very next row I knit will have them back onto single circ.
You can expect to see more progress this week.

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