Saturday, May 31, 2014

Two More Inches

Added to the body of the sweaters... Making 5 inches so far.. Another inch and half, and then I do the bottom border and  I will  be done with the body of the sweaters.

Nice progress—especially compared to the month it took me to knit the other pair of sweaters. I like this yarn (an acrylic) better than the wool. It's soft feeling (with out being so soft its has no body) and the pattern is baby friendly.  I didn't really much like the pooling and uneven stripes of the blue/white/pink.  I especially like the fine yarn. In theory, a thick worsted and size 9 needle should knit up faster—but I so end up disliking the crude results. I like the fine detail that fine yarn offers.

I am well into the second skein, but its clear I will have plenty for the sweaters, and for hats, and booties, too. But first—I have to finish the sweaters!

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