Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It Was a Swatch--

Then it grew and grew—and now its a short summer scarf. You know the kind a little something to wrap around your neck when you get caught in a cold down draft from an A/C vent, or at night when things cool down and there is the slightest breeze that sends chills down your spine.

It all happened by accident. It took a few inches to get the pattern just right (and I my version is actually a mirror image of the one I first saw)--and then I just wanted to do a few rows to see how it looked. The pattern works up fast, and before I knew it, I was half way through the color pattern repeat—and had 20 inches done! It just made sense to continue along, and finish up the color repeat, and now, I have a 40 inch scarf. Not a perfect one, since the first few inches at one end aren't quite perfect, but that's hardly noticeable (the dark ash tone makes it less obvious)

I plan to gift it to another knitter (one who skill level isn't quite up to lace yet) –because she always feels the cool draft, and gets cold in heart beat (I tease her, and tell her she must have been a lizard in a previous life—she still like to sit in the sun shine and soak up the suns rays--and grinds to a halt when she gets cold!)

What next?--Well there are still a bunch of UFO's—and socks head the list—but some cotton baby booties--(Mary Jane shoe style ones) are in the mix... And maybe a shell type sweater for me, and sewing, too. I have things cut, and unsewn, and baby hats to sew, and... (laundry looms large in things to do, too)  

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