Friday, June 13, 2014

Off To A Good Finish

 Yesterday, before I posted, I had already picked up underarm stitches, and worked a full round on the sleeves for sweater 2.

I didn't work on the sleeves consistently, but did a round here and there between other tasks, and after lunch and after dinner.. This morning I was surprised to learn I had done almost 4 inches! One or two more pattern repeat (2 rounds) and it will be time to start the garter stitch cuffs—and then another dozen and half rounds and the cuffs will be done.

I had already woven in most of the ends on sweater 2 as I was finishing up sweater 1. Of course since then, I have 2 new ends from starting the sleeves, and 2 more end from joining new skeins—so there is some more finishing to do—and I still have buttons to sew on. But it sure looks like I will have sweater 2 finished by my self imposed deadline. 1 month for 2 mini sweaters is certainly not workhouse pace—these are very small projects—even doubled.  But I have finished them in time for the girls to get some use out them.  They fit now, albeit loosely and will be good till the late fall.  There are plenty enough cool days and cooler nights in the summer that they will get some use from them.
There is a big project looming.. not mine, but a new luxury building 2 blocks away. It has already obliterated a good portion of my skyline view, and its getting higher and higher ever day. When I sit at my computer, instead of the 59th street bridge, and the upper portion of Manhattan skyline, I see nothing but building—from the bottom to the top of my window. The first image is from May 20th, the lower one, today.
It's less obtrusive from other angles—but I really hate how its changed my view from my computer desk. Oh progress--how I hate it sometimes.

I am also somewhat amazed at the idea of luxury housing so close to the the LIE (I-495) I am 2 blocks from the LIE, and didn't mind the muted white noise of the traffic (which I still can hear, though it is more muted)--but 1 block closer? It has to be louder and dirtier.

And while I like my neighborhood—I hardly think it is a luxurious one. The new building is 3 long blocks from the subway. (I am 2 short blocks.) The streets don't run at 90° angles in this area. The blocks are trapezoids—rather than squares. I am at the narrow end of the trapezoid, the new building at the wide end) This makes a big difference in how close I am vs how close they are to the subway. Plus, the subway stop is a local. (Premium locations are always at express stops!) A good half the apartments will have great views(my old one!) but there are other empty lots in front of these location—and their views are temporary, too. All in all, it just doesn't seem like a luxury location...

But what do I know? Housing prices in NYC are outrageous... getting a good location, at a good prices requires a good deal of insider knowledge, and a bit of luck. It is easier in Queens—but no where in NYC is housing cheap. I often think the term “Luxury” is used to warn people—EXPENSIVE.

When the building opens, I will make a point of looking to see what luxury amenities are included.
(For sure, they won't have a pool—new construction never include this anymore.)


Linda in the Finger Lakes said...

And we know you love your pool! Too bad about the view though.

Darling sweaters...

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

I'm sorry about your view being obliterated. That has to be pretty infuriating.

There is a new group of luxury condos going in down by the bay, only a few of which have any view at all! It's also being build in what used to be a shipyard. I wonder what sort of chemicals are in all that soil after so many years of diesel engines being dragged out and dry docked there.

It's sweet to see all of your knitting, and your time with your DD and her girls. Have a lovely visit this Wednesday.