Thursday, June 05, 2014

On to the Sleeves

Both sweater have the body completed, and now I am on to knitting the sleeves. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since I started and I hope to have sweater 1 finished-- Not just all the knitting done, but really finished.

End woven in, buttons sewn on... and sweater 2's sleeves on needles ready to knit! These sleeves need another inch or so, and then a cuff of garter to be done.

I have, as you see, already found some buttons for the sweaters. I was thinking of just this style button—and had a choice of pearl or the pink.. (and you see I went with the pink.)

One reason was the pearl buttons were 3 to a card. Each sweater has 4 buttonholes—and the pearls (not real mother of pearl, but plastic) were more expensive for 3 than these (also) plastic were for 4—3 cards of more expensive buttons, vs 2 cards of less expensive ones? Well, that was a no brainer!

At the same time I was buying the buttons, 2 small remnants found there way into my hands—a striped print of pink and white (for some summer dresses) and some solid pink for trim and little diaper cover panties.

Meanwhile, I still have a skirt and jacket cut –but not a stitch sewn—and plans for more clothes.. I better get cracking!

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