Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sweater 1—Done

And I have started to knit the sleeves on sweater 2. I so hate knitting sleeves... but its more than time to have these finished. And I really want to try to have them done by Monday.

Most weeks, I spend Wednesday with my DD and the girls...We start at the Queens Library Mother Goose program, sing songs and listening to stories. The girls love the time—they love the songs and the stories, and they love seeing all the other little children. There cheeks must hurt after the hour is up, because they never stop smiling.

They end up exhausted to, and the quarter mile walk home is always nap time (which sometimes extends even after we are home.

Next week, they will miss Mother Goose—Dr.'s appointments instead, and I will spend Monday with them (another Dr.s appointment ) —so the race is on to have sweater 2 finished by Monday, Grandma--(their paternal grandmother used to come Fridays, but she is out of commission for the moment-- She had knee replacement surgery Monday past—and it will be some months before she is going to be up to driving and visiting.

So I might be doing double duty and going twice a week. But I still want to have the sleeves done by Monday. I tired the sweater on to J--(with the sleeves still on the needles) and it fits lovely... The puffy yoke and puffy sleeves mean it will fit over clothes, (and will fit by the end of summer) but the loose fit means it won't be too warm on cool summer nights—especially when they go camping up state, or visiting family in the country.

I don't know why I hate making sleeves—they are so like socks... except—there is the sweater hanging around. I have always—with 1 exception, made top down sweaters. I don't remember the sleeves being so onerous in that sweater.. Maybe I need to start doing more bottom up sweaters, and knit the sleeves first—like a pair of socks, and then knit the body, and finally the yoke.

The yoke of the sweater is always the best part—whether its color work, or lace patterning, or even just simple miters, there is always design. And working Up it has the advantage of fewer and fewer (rather than more and more) stitches every row (or round)

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Knitting sleeves first makes sense. That certainly is a pretty yarn. The only thing I'd worry about is not having, for whatever reasons, enough to finish the sweater body. I wonder if it's a valid worry? Anyway, it's so good to see that you are knitting so much. I follow your blog but haven't been getting update notes for it.