Friday, August 15, 2014

As Summer Draws to a Close

 I am back. It's not been the best of summers... I was sick, serious ill for 7 weeks of it. I am mostly recovered, but still not 100%, but on my way (well into the 90%). Nuf said.

It was also a bad summer for me technology wise. My 8 year old computer died.
My new dell is well, cheaper (in stated dollar amount, and most definitely in real terms) and in some ways more powerful, but came with Windows8—a OS that want to make decisions for me. Hell no! I want to make my own decisions about how I use and operate my computer.

I hate the touch screen, I home screen (and I have learn how to do most things via the desk top)

I have windows 8 because, well I hate to fall behind in technology, and more and more things (phones, tablets, etc) are organized the way 8 is organized, and I need to learn the new technology or get left behind. Since i have no plans to stop learning, I must have 8, even as I gripe about it!

One gripe I don't have is lost files... I have been pretty diligent about making backs up-and I am starting out with every file... (and have been cleaning up some files, too)  I often take a number of photo's for my block, or ravelry--(today there were 12) and end up only using a 2 or 3.  I have been organizing the photo files, and deleting the photo's that don't make the cut... (this will make back ups easier and more compact!)

I did get some knitting done...

I last posted about the light lacy summer scarf—I finally got to see Nancy and give it to her.

Then I started some socks. I had started socks with this yarn (Patons Kroy, colorway clover) months ago—I unraveled half the skein looking for a place where the two skeins matched. When I couldn't find a match point, I gave up.

This time round, I decided to let thing go—and to just knit socks and let the colors fall where they will. Half way through the socks, I looked and the ball bands, and realized I had 2 different dye lots... these sock were never going to match!

But the color ways are close enough that they look like a pair—and so they are.

After that, I decided to work on my Rudbeckia socks.... toe up (because I wasn't sure how I was going to work the flowers) I started with a stem and leaf pattern of my own making... The leaves (as leaves do) started small, and with each repeat of the pattern the leaves got bigger.

I am at the last repeat of the stem and leave pattern. In the next two repeats, the leaves will become buds, (ending flat, mid leaf) First,  there will be first tight (ball like) buds, and in the second repeat, buds that are beginning to open.

Then I will start with the flowers—and the top of the sock will be golden yellow with bits of pink/rust red, as many rudbeckia flowers are (with brown centers)

I've charted the Stem and leaf pattern  but I did it backwards.. I knit the design, and then charted what I knit. I made up the stem and leaf pattern as I went along....I might right up directions--but they will be general directions--for these socks. I think these will be very pretty when they are done.

I am still mentally working out the how to do the flowers (I have already worked out the buds!)

So that's the lowdown on my low down summer.