Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cracking the WIP's

I have been making these socks forever—or at least all summer. I have stopped, and knit another pair of socks, and then gone back to them. I am bored with them. The idea is to knit a flower sock—specifically, a black eyed suzy's (rudbeckias) I like the idea, I dyed the yarn, I created a stitch pattern to work them in, and now, I can barely stand to knit them. I get a scant round or 2 done each week on the bus—a kind of forced knitting. I'm almost to the point of knitting the flowers for the top. There is the row of “bobble' buds, shown, (more to come on back of sock) and next, semi opened buds... and then finally flowers.

The thought of picking them up drove me to start a new project (the Mint Pi)--which is also on hold. I am now at 256 stitches—and I KNOW the pattern I want to work next . I just have to find the stitch dictionary that has it—and say a prayer that it has a stitch count that works. Actually, I have several stitches I want to incorporate, and it's just a matter of finding one that has the right stitch count for a repeat. There are many option, factors in 256 include, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and others.--and many stitch dictionaries on my shelves to search through.

So—to avoid working on the dredded flower socks, I started another pair. These are for my totally knit-worthy SIL—who like wool socks, and spends $$ to buy them. He and my DD have already gone camping with my darling gran's (who will also have wool socks or legging next year—they near wore their sweaters out in a 4 day camping weekend this year!)-- and come this winter he will once again head north and spend a long weekend hunting...(and hopefully come home again with meat).

Any one who is stomping round in woods in November needs wool socks. Even though this could pass for dress sock, (and be at home in an office in the downtown financial district)--they will also work for warmth inside outdoor boots.

This pair is plain jane—I know his foot size, but knitting socks with out fitting socks is always a bit risky—so I opted for ribbing. 

Since Thursday night? Cast (again and again—I really have trouble counting after the sun sets!) and started with 1.75 inches of 1 X 1 ribbing. Now I have changed to 3 X 1, and knit another 2+ inches. The plan is for about 9 inches of leg. I am a few rows away from the half way point of the leg at 4.5 inches. Followed by a 3 inch heel flap, for a total of 12 inches for the leg length. The foot will be almost equal length. (or close, I have to check and see how big a foot is needed for a men's size 12 shoe) It's some nice progress—especially when you consider, these are large men's socks (72 stitches cast on, not the more usual 60).

These Oh, so plain socks in a grey marl are so much more fun to knit. I LIKE the IDEA of richly patterned socks, with interesting details... but I really don't like knitting them. The few pairs I have knit? I rarely wear. I like plain socks. Or simple self striping patterns or even socks with beaded elements. I even enjoy socks worked in stranded color work . Though I confess, I rarely do a whole sock in stranded color work..I love how they look, but they don't fit into most of my shoes, and so they rarely get worn! Still I have a number of pairs with fancy tops and toes. And I like these ribbed socks, since I am vain—and I love my neat columns of ribs. Sometimes it's the plainest of features that best showcase a knitters skill.

I'll see how the plain jane ribbed sock fit my SIL , and then maybe plan another pair—goodness knows, I have more than enough socks for me! (and I still want to knit socks)—and sometime before the end of world, I will finish my rudbeckia socks.

But I think the Mint Pi might be finished first!

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