Thursday, September 25, 2014

Knitting Progress

 The balls of yarn are getting pretty anemic—and I will clearly need the the third. Patons Kroy sock yarn comes in various size balls. All are 50 grams, but some have more yarns, and some have fewer.

These skeins are on the small size—only 160 yards per 50g.--3 skeins are 480 yards—and about the right yardage for a pair of men's socks—I can usually get a small (shortish leg) socks for my self out of just a pair of skeins  If I add some other yarn in, as stranded work, or just as contrasting heels and toes, I can get a long legged pair.

Of course part of the reason the yardage is so short, is the yarn is thicker/heavier than average, too.
I am knitting these on a pair of size 2 needles, and getting a dense fabric with 8.5 stitches to the inch. With other sock yarns, I need to go down to size 1's (or sometimes even size 0's) to get as dense a fabric, and my gauge will change, too, going up to 9 stitch or more to an inch—which also means a change in stitch count!

As for progress, well the flap was finished, the heels turned, and gussets started –I still have many more rounds till the gussets are done (another 20 or so). I think the I will get the full gusset completed before I need to start the final skein.

My table was assembled, (it is much easier to stain and finish the top when its assemble)--but I haven't done either yet.

I have been cooking—it's been nice weather (cool) to cook. And my freezer is filling up with stews and curries, and other yummy foods. These are so nice to come home to! Especially now, when Wednesday's with the twins means coming home after dark.

The girls were sick yesterday—nothing major, no fever even—but tired and cranky and had to please. Miss J showed off her new skill—she can pull herself upright into standing position (so long as she has something to hold onto.) Miss C alleged can do the same, but I haven't seen proof. Miss C loves her bouncy seat—When she is not in it, she bounces on her own--Feeling fine, or feeling not so fine, these girls are an exhausting handful!

So that's about it..  

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