Monday, September 22, 2014

No Knitting –But Progress.

It's quite evident on my fingers and hands.. spots of dark royal blue paint spatter them.

When I move to my current apartment (a co-op) a dozen years ago, I first went through a massive purge... Partly because I had to move out of my house before my apartment was ready to move into, (and this meant storing everything)--and partly because I was starting a new aspect of my life, and wanted to have new furnishing to go along.

My apartment, is big and open, and for the first few years sparsely furnished. Along the way, I have added 'recycled' stuff. Like my current dining room table. Round, with chrome (pitted, not very shiny chrome) legs. The top is scuffed too, so I kept a table cloth on it all the time. It is very much so  a make do piece.

One wall of the dining room has a set of Ikea shelving--(with sets of drawers in the base, and enclosed cabinets on top, and LOTS of recessed lighting. Mostly low voltage halogen, but there are some CFB, and even some LED spots. (the image below show the shelving with all of the lights on..even hidden ones on the top shelves, that light up the ceiling for indirect general lighting.)    Its a display case—an all too often, dusty one. But I like it.

Around the corner, there is sort of matching room divider. My great room (living room/dining room/entry) has a structural pillar in it... I built the room divider (well I used some extra Ikea pieces, and made my own shelves) to section off an 8 X 12 area (yellow paint) as a my computer room. And I  even divided the divider!

The upper part is open and really oriented to the dining room.  It has a cabinet with glass doors on both sides, so while it divides physically, I can easily see through (to a window beyond!)  The lower part has solid panel on the dining room side, and is open on the other side (my computer room) where it stores paper, and some craft material: fancy paper, a paper cutter, and collection of Dover books—of computer art. There are specialty papers—blank business cards to print, cloth (on paper) for making iron on's and other stuff.

These images are from several years ago—before I had my make do table—and show the units clearly--Since then, the electric cords have been neatened up (and the displays change--some parts change seasonally--(the pumpkins will be back soon, and at later, the divider will have the glass conefir aboretum for the holidays)

Soon, the make do table will be replaced with an matching Ikea table. It started out plain, unfinished wood, and now the legs and apron of the table have been painted blue—to match the shelving units. Next up, a light sanding to the top, and a light stain. Then a good coat of wax, well buffed. Part 1 is done—legs and apron have been painted.

Next up assembling it (the leg were removed for easier painting), and getting the top finished.  Along the way, everything on the display shelves will be cleaned, polished and dusted.  

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