Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Not Much Knitting Going On

 My knitting slump continues... Socks started at the beginning of the summer, still aren't finished. I like the design, but I am just not interested in knitting them. Nothing else either.

So, of course my response was to start something new.. And while it is pretty, it really won't be a successful FO.

I started a pi shawl—EZ's misnamed basic pattern. It's really a Bi shawl, since it follows a binary progression.. Every time you double the row count, (from row 1 (cast on) to 2, or from row 2 to 4, and 4 to 8, (and so on, in simple binary progression) you double the stitch count, (from 4 stitches (cast on) to 8, then from 8 stitches to 16, followed by an increase of 16 to 32, (and so on) in a secondary binary progression. I am half way through a 32 row section—with 128 stitches in each round.. (It's still doily sized--about 8 inches or so)

The yarn is a soft wool and silk blend, (no name/no label, bargain cone)--home dyed a mint green.

Every new group in the progression is getting a new stitch pattern.

At first, almost no pattern, then a simple mesh, followed by a set leaves, and now, diamonds...

Un stretched 
Like all lace it doesn't look like much unless its heavily blocked.. Just compare when I finished the leaves.. (un stretched) with the same bit stretched out on the needle and pinned.

Gently stretched
I am now ¼ (8 rows) through the 32 row section, and I won't really be able to stretch out the knitting anymore—even just gently (vs hard blocking) stretched, it fill my circ.

I mentioned above, that this will be somewhat unsuccessful FO. I don't really have enough yarn for a big circular shawl. Just 4 oz or so, (and no idea how many yards)....So I am likely to run out of yarn when the circle is just 20 inches or so.. 

But it's fun to play with new patterns as I progress—its almost going to be a stitch sampler as much as anything else. I suppose it will be a small neck wrap in the end.
A needle full of stitches.

I have also been pigging out on TV—I got hooked on Orange is the New Black-- and now I am eagerly waiting for season 3 with thousand of others. Mad Men is on my Netflix queue, too.

My baby granddaughters are growing like weeds—and I see them at least weekly—and sometimes 2 or 3 times in a week—what with babysitting, and doctors appointments, and just helping out (library trips). They see their other grand parents on a regular schedule, too. They have a packed social life for infants—DD want to make sure they are not shortchanged in attention or stimulation.

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