Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Progress Report

My green rudbeckia socks have another 3 rounds complete—I worked on them Sunday when I trucked a few miles north to baby sit my grand daughters.

I got nothing done once I arrived—the girls are a full time (time and half!) job. Such different personalities and temperaments! Miss J is all determination. She locks her jaw and set to work at what she wants. It's hard to distract or deter her—but so worth the effort because she has such a winning smile. Miss C, is a charmer. She already knows her winning smile will soften the hardest hearts. And she flashes all the time. She too is determined to get what she wants—and so much energy...she is a motorized whirl a gig!

Baby sitting was exhausting. They are both so filled with energy and curiosity, and determination. And I am a morning person—by 8 O'clock in the evening, I have no energy—Unlike these night owls.

My plan was to watch the PBS show The Roosevelt's—and I did catch most of it. (In NYC, they did an immediate repeat. First broadcast at 8PM to 10, then rebroadcast from 10 till midnight.) by 10 both girls were asleep (well, one woke up at 11:40 PM) and I was able to see most of it—uninterupted.

It was on again last night (new episode) and again tonight, (and again, and again for the week)--

Last night as I watched, I worked on my SIL's grey ribbed socks. Just past 7 inches now—and if they were for me, time to start the heel flap. But SIL is taller—so an other inch/inch and half before I start the flaps. I feel like I am eating up yarn--(I do have a third skein) but I am refusing to worry about running out. I have several skeins of Kroy yarn is solid grey, (light, medium and dark greys) any of which will go well with the grey marl if I need to find yarn to finish the toes.

It's a bit easier to see the 3 X 1 rib pattern with the socks stretched out a bit. 

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