Sunday, September 21, 2014

Two Day's with my Darlings

Seriously cut into knitting time this past week. Wednesday is my usual day with them. We go to a baby and toddler program at the Queens library—singing the A, B, C song, and counting songs, and silly song like the hokey-pokey... The program is 2 half hour segments, and the girls enjoy the socializing, and singing both.

Then, Thursday, was a special day—off to the doctors office to have their ears pierced. They have matching little earrings. in different colors—little crystal daisy like flowers. Miss J was very, very sad to get her ears pierced.. but Miss was happy, but she was easily consoled (and in minutes both were totally oblivious to their new earrings)

On the way home from the doctors, we stop and I attempted to pick up my new eyeglasses. One pair was fine, the other, not so much. I want partially tinted pink/rose lenses. (Tint level 3 is “free”--or rather just included in the cost) And tint level 3 was perfect. Level 1 is almost imperceptible, level 6 is a full sun glass tint.. Level 3 definitely has color, but its not that dark.

1—The tint was the complete lens... OK I could live with that.

2—The tint was dark—if not level 6, it was way darker than 3.

3-- The tint wasn't pink/rose. (It was an orange-ish brown!)

That last bit was just too much. So they are back to where ever they go to be made, (actually that is just a few miles away (well, define a few miles: 20 or so)) to be remade. As a consolation, they new glasses will be shipped to me, I won't have to pick them up. (It is two buses to the location, an PITA)

I really like rose tinted lenses—the world truly looks prettier through rose colored glass. Dry dusty, russet weeds on the road side, become brighter, rustier reds (instead of drab brownish russets) Greens look greener, and blues bluer, and fall foliage much more vivid. I have a pair of glasses with a dark rose/grey blend tint—about a level 5—and these are my favorite sunglasses—especially for the fall and winter. 

So knitting time was  compromised this week.  I love the darlings, but they are exhausting! Wednesday night, I fell asleep watching the The Roosevelt's (Ken Burn's new documentary on PBS) –and got no knitting at all done. (Fortunately, here in NYC, our local PBS's station, WNET/13 rebroadcasts each episode, so catching up wasn't hard.) Thursday night, another inch + got added to the sock—the leg now measures 8.75. Then the heel flap started.

I am keeping the 3 X 1 ribbing pattern up as work the flap.. the right sides is K1, Slip1, Knit 1, Y forward, (as if to purl), slip 1, --repeat. It is a slight variation from k1, sl1, --but the pattern does have alternating knits and slips...At first glance it doesn't look any different from the 3 X 1 ribbing that came before. But the gauge has changed—like heel stitch—the rows are more compact.

More of the heel flap got done Friday, (along with many errands and tasks) and a little more last night.
Progress always seems slower on the flap—the slip stitches make the row gauge tighter.

I have 24 rows done on the flap 2/3rds of the 36 rows.  I need. Maybe tonight—and then the heel turn. I always feel happy once I finish the heel—I feel likes its all down hill to the toe. Partly because there is no patterning (not even a simple rib) on the sole, and partly because once I am done with the heel the sock is more than 75% finished... and there really isn't much more to do.

I am not there yet.. but.

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