Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Bit of Luxury

Actually MORE than a bit...

 First—angora--7 lovely little skeins (each is just a third of one once!) but enough I think to make linings on 2 pretty little muffs. Not this year.. The girls are just 2 small to understand muffs, (and besides at this age (under a year) everything goes in their mouths...

But next year, a little bit of simple stranded work (blue and white) lined with the blue angora will be a pretty little accessory for the girls. I made a muff for Miss B(now a grown up teenager) when she was 3 or so, and it was a prized possession. I had a rabbits fur muff as child, and my daughter used it, too.

Soft, warm muffs are part of the family childhood memory—and the twins will share the memory.

Then there is this—Noro cotton and silk... 9 skeins in all, 8 pastel polychrome, and one solid skein for a bit of trim. When I picked them up, I focused on the mostly pink color blend, and thought they would be good for the girls.. but I have gotten greedy—I think these cotton and silk skeins are going to turn into a t shirt like top for me.

Finally, not luxury—but still shiny and luxurious, 10 skeins of silky rayon. This kind of rayon make lovely little purses--(and every little girl loves a shiny purse to put her pennies in) The green is likely going to be a yoke on a top for me. I have lots and lots of DK (and even lighter weight) cotton. A two toned  top, with lace above and solid below is a style of top I have liked all my life.

Meanwhile, I have been working on my 3 view polychrome project that consists of 3 hats and a cowl. Hat 1, (yellow)  is knit flat.  Hat 2(blue)  in the round, (with a lining) and the cowl will be double knit (and in yet another combination of solid and polychrome. )

 The lined hat was an experiment. It's too small for me, and my bowling ball head.  It fits HEAD (HEAD is just 19 inches or so) so there will be two sizes (small and large) in the pattern. This hat has a flat square top, (vs the 8 armed swirl that creates what I like to call a pagoda top—I still haven't made a tassel, (and I do think it needs a tassel!) to finish it. The tops are interchangeable--at least for an advanced knitter.

 I will start the double knit cowl today—and as soon as it is finished, start a scarf for my SIL.

It is interesting to see how using high contrast colors vs subtle colors changes the look of the stitch pattern. I tend to like high contrast colors, but sometimes, subtle is best. Which do you like?

Truthfully, I like this stitch pattern so much, I think I would like it done in knits and purls, with out any color work--but I am not sure it would work.

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