Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Day Out and About.

My friend Theresa was a dedicated teacher for years—and found she just couldn't turn off, and relax watching television—so for many years, she read and did other thing—but didn't bother with the box--(an other idiom that bites the dust, like dropping a dime, TV's aren't boxes any more)
But now, some 20 years later is catching up on the Law & Order series--the original series. 

Yesterday we did a L&O walking tour. Theresa came up from Richmond, and we hit the road. First a train ride to Brooklyn, (we took the A train!) and walked over the Brooklyn Bridge. Did I mention the weather was perfect? Clear sky’s, with just a few high clouds, breezy, and in the low 60°'s (circa 14 to 15°C) perfect weather for a walk.

The bridge offers views of the skyline, and it is a wonderful experience all on its own. It's a bridge that bridges building techniques.. half of the bridge is hand built –with blocks and tackle and men and ropes, and half is machine (steam engine) built. It linked what were 2 great cities, (Brooklyn and NY)
Today, each of these boroughs are still large enough, that if separated, NYC would be the US's largest city, and Brooklyn number two.

I think Theresa was a bit surprised by how busy the path way was--(and it was!) but it was still possible to stop and get great shots (not me, as always I carried my camera, and never thought to use it)

Across the bridge, we walked besides City Hall (enclosed in a park) and up to Foley Square. There they loomed—the famous court house steps, --and up we went to take photo's here too.

The huge stair case is largely closed (one of those obsessive safety detail that have sprung up all over NYC in the past dozen years) but it was still possible to get pictures of the columns at the top.

I pointed out some building (one with fancy fenestration) that are often seen in the background, and the anchor like structure (sculpture) in the park across the street--(another background feature)We walked up to Hogan Place to get some shots of the office building that houses the DA's offices, too.

Then off to Katz Deli for lunch. I have never lived, or shopped on the lower east side, and while I like NY deli food, I had never been to Katz—To me, its a tourist location. But the characters, (and the actors that played them) in L&O like it, so off we went—The food was good, the service fine, and Theresa thoroughly enjoy what she called a NY experience. It's a bit expensive—but if you think of it as half meal, and half theater, its not that expensive. You do get a lot of entertainment. We didn't look for stars (I never do) or celebrities, so we didn't see any. But one of the waiters came over and made us feel like we were celebrities—which was good-- Theresa (and I ) only had half sandwiches—She enjoyed her's—and was almost sorry she didn't go for a full one.

Late in the after noon had us at Madison Square Park and the Appellate Court –I remember there being a court room there that was used for the interior court room scenes—but either I mis- remembered, or for some reason, it wasn't open—but we did get to see the Appellate Court—a beautiful court house, and magnificent court room (and this court room was used occasionally in the series). And that was the end of our L&O tour.

I was exhausted, and my knee's cried in misery—too many subway steps for them—but the pain will pass, (has largely already) and memories of this wonderful day will remain. Next time I post, some progress on my polychrome knitting, and some photo's of my luxurious Stash EXpansion (SEX!).

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