Friday, October 17, 2014

Corn-y and Sweet!

(from yesterday)

The yellow stripe (and a third of the hat) done.

The next row will start the orange middle of the corn kernel, and by the time I get to the white portion, the hats will have so few stitches to work, they will be a snap to finish.

Meanwhile,  my DD still has complaints, No Hair hat (cabbage patch kids style) yet, no pompoms, yet. Her complaints got me thinking. Next up, (or maybe not next, but very soon!) some pompom hats... I'll knit a mesh, and cover it with pompoms—for some wild and crazy hair... the girls will have pompoms galore! I have the Clover pompom makers, (in every size but the jumbo pompom) so making the pompoms will be easy (or at least easy-ish) and this will be a fun hat set of hats to make up.

First up, I’ll make a couple of dozen pompoms, because even with the clover makers, these will take some time.. And I will need dozens and dozens... (I think the hats will end up with pompom pony tails, too)

At the same time, I'll be working on my color work hats (the samples to go with the pattern I wrote up last month.) Busy, busy, I will be. Likely the pompom hats will get written up too—because I think they will be too cute for words.

But getting back to the hat at hand--the basic shape of the candy corn hat, (unlike many I have seen) is a classic candy corn shape. 4 decreases per round, to make a steep sided triangle. This shape is very similar as I pointed out to a flat toe shape, OR an one style of after thought heel shape. The scrap of paper shows, how, when pulled open this shape makes a sort of square and will easily cover the girls ears, with out coming down so to low on their forehead.

So maybe by tomorrow, the hats will have a complete orange stripe, (and I'll be ready for the white and the finish-) Or maybe I'll get distracted, and get less done.. but I will still be easy to have them finished by next week.


Here it is tomorrow—and I never posted yesterday! But I did get started on the orange stripe of the candy corn hat, and with every round it gets more and more like a hat. Clearly, the white germ of the corn kernel will stick up a bit from the girls heads.. but that is fine. It will just serve to accentuate the candy corn shape.
I also took a moment, when I didn't feel like knitting, to weave in the ends from the cast on—I didn't do the same with the tails from the color change, but I will, and likely before I finish the knitting. The rounds are going faster and faster—about ½ of the stitches have already be decreases and it will only get faster to knit a round with each additional decrease.

I like the look of finer yarns, and the details you can get with smaller stitches, but knitting with a worsted weight yarn is so much faster.  And while I love wools and natural fibers, I also love the clean bright colors of these Red Hear yarns. These are not the colors of a real corn kernel, but they are a perfect match for candy corn. These hats will be sweet delights when they are completed.

My head is still to big to be a good model for baby hats, but its does show how the hat will fit--with the sides of the kernel coming down over the ears. No ties, because modern thinking has made ties a safety hazard, but the fit will be snug enough the hats should stay put.  Though not if Miss C has her way... She is not happy wearing a hat, any hat, and will do her best to remove it!

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