Friday, October 10, 2014


Well as done as they can be.

Every stitch worked, and the tips of the square toes grafted. But I want my S-I-L to try them on –and to make sure they fit before I weave in the ends. If they are too short or too long, undoing the graft is possible and more rows can be knit, or some undone. If they are perfect, I will finish them at the spots. It doesn't take much to weave in the ends. The tails of the cast on have already been woven in (and here is a little prayer that the top of the sock fits comfortably!)

Now What?

Well baby hats.. maybe a quick set of Candy Corn hats...If they are done by next week (and that is possible) the girls would have the use of them for the rest of the month, and most of the next.. Candy corn hat would be good right up to Thanksgiving.

Cabbage Patch kids “hair” hats have been requested. Most of the patterns are for crochet, but knitting does have a loop stitch, and the “hair” is just strands threaded into the background –be it crochet or knitting.  But loop stitch is tedious.. and all the strands to cut and weave? I just don't want to take this on now!  Maybe after I some projects done.

I also have in my queue a set of color work hats—One knit flat, one in the round, and the same basic pattern/chart used for a “smoke ring”type cowl. I love this pattern, and I want to knit up some samples and get the pattern published.

Sitting on a open shelf in my craft room, there are still 5 bags of “sock kits”-- ones I made up over 2 years ago—and I still love to knit socks. These very simple ones I just knit for S-I-L were pleasurable (even though they were plain vanilla in pattern and yarn.) I really love knitting socks.

There are sweaters on my list, too. A sweater set made up of a solid shell (in sock yarn) paired with a cardigan in alpaca, in a DK rose semi solid. For years, I have gone through winters and never really felt cold, but last winter, I froze. I never felt warm! It was a cold winter, colder than average, with more than average snow fall, but I was disproportionately cold. I really want a super warm alpaca sweater to slip on. A fine thin one (I don't like bulky sweaters) and still really warm (and alpaca is just that!)

And this list had even give a mention of all the UFO's I have!

I think the candy corn hats for the girls might be first--(their Deviled Eggs hats from the spring fit—but not well—they don't cover their ears, and while that is fine now, every day get colder!

They need matching socks and mittens too... thought they are very unhappy with the idea of anything covering their feet—Their socks will be small, but not that small--something knee sock length to make them hard to pull off.

Well I better get knitting!

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