Monday, October 06, 2014

Hello, again

Last week at this time, my S-I-L's socks were about 6.5 inches long in the foot when the first of the skeins ran out. Measuring on the front/instep side, there were over 13 inches. This pleased me, because the back/sole part of the sock, what with the flap and gusset is longer than the front.. but with 13 inches of front, I knew there would be plenty of enough yarn in the single remaining skein to finish the foot.

I wrote a blog post then, on Monday to report my progress. But I didn't get a photo taken.

Finally on Thursday I got the photo taken. But by then, the blog post was so out of date, it needed to be re-written. That never happened.

Not a lot of knitting happened, either. Instead, I was busy having an affair of sorts, with Don Draper. Marathon is hardly the word for it.. 6 seasons of Mad Men in 7 days!

I noticed some fun details... Peter Campbell and Trudy start out in an apartment—furnished with Danish Modern furniture a style my mother loved. (I too tend to like modern furniture) My mother couldn't afford to buy all new furniture, but she did buy at this time a single chair (the same chair with green cushions) that Peter and Trudy have. Actually it was a bit earlier. We had the chair while still in the small apartment (between Webster Avenue and Park Avenue in the Bronx.)  It's the chair my brother crashed into one hot night, and broke the skin near his eyebrow, and needed stitches. We moved from that apartment some time between 1960/61. We stayed in the same local parish, (but about 10 blocks away.) They kept that chair till they moved from the Bronx in 1972 (this date I remember clearly) 

In seasons 4 and 5, I saw clothes I remembered—one of the playboy bunnies wears a pique fabric, in yellow, (I had a dress in the same textured fabric, but not in yellow, and not the same style..) I also had a dress very similar to one that Sally wears... (same style, different color).. It was at times all very familiar--and not. 

I was a child, older than Sally, and our family was a lot poorer than Drapers-(poorer even than Peggy's Brooklyn family.) and there, details popped out and struck a nerve.

So what is up with the socks now? The foot is just at 9 inches. A few more rounds, and I will start the toe! I have plenty of yarn—even though I am working from both ends of the single remaining skein. The finished foot is going to be just a few rounds short of a full 12 inches, and I am planning on a bout 2.5 inches of toe shaping. 

Got some chicken stew made, too. African style ground nut (peanut) style stew---a nice spice dish for cold winter nights—which are already coming. Days are still mild (68°f/circa 18°C), but it really gets chilly at night—and slowing but surely, windows are being closed. My S-I-L's socks will be coming just in time.

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