Friday, October 31, 2014

New Yarn

Always cries the loudest to be knit first. When Monica generously shared the yarn she was gifted, one of the yarns I received was a collection of odd balls (2 of white, green and plum, 3 of red, 5 taupe, some blues (several different shades) of Crystal Palace yarn—50/50 wool and silk. Lovely yarn, in very small put ups (50 g, 135 yards.)--The ball band suggest a size US 5 or 6 needle, but I went with a smaller one.  For a scarf, a slightly denser fabric is warmer.  Not that fabric is stiff, it's still very soft and pliable.

Of all the colors, the taupe is particularly lovely.. I tend to like grey and taupe –and this yarn;  a beautiful color in a luxurious yarn? A match made in heaven.  But 650 yards of fine yarn isn't very much.  There are limited choices--something small, or something striped. I decided to go with small.

Yesterday—instead of Wednesday, was my day with the twins. On the way to Flushing, I started this scarf. An Italian (tubular cast on) and a rib, of sorts. A plain rib would have been too boring. I wanted a broken rib. There are lots of ways to break a rib—I thought about a diagonal rib, or twisted rib, or a lightly cabled rib.. and ended up with this basket weave rib. A very easy pattern to do, 10 stitches across, (5 +5) and 12 stitches tall (6 + 6) I didn't even have to read the directions for working the pattern. It's that easy. Perfect for TV (or bus!) knitting. Just enough of a pattern to keep it interesting.

I like how this  rib corrugates, (as ribs want to do) and how it will narrow across the back of the neck. The yarn is fine enough, that even corrugated, it won't be too bulky.  At the same time, it is  broken enough that it can easily be placed almost flat. 

By bedtime, I had 2 repeats, (3 inches) done. The center of the center pull skein was very empty.

This will be an inside the coat scarf—the kind that wrap round your neck, and crosses over the chest—finely knit (size 4 needles) and dressy. I would like it to be about 44 inches (my SIL is a big and tall guy, I want it about 6 inches longer than double his neck size. This way, he will have several options on how to wear the scarf. Simply (round his neck and crossed in front), or Trendy, (folded in half, with the ends through the fold), or Classically, ( tied in front, like an ascot), or.. Well any way he wants.

But in the end, what will control the length is the yardage!  By the end of skein 1, I will have a better idea of what my finished results will be. The shorter the scarf, the few options there will be about how he can wear it. But my DD says he likes scarves.. and a luxurious silky one will be appreciated. If he doesn't my daughter might.. This scarf is one that will be a pleasure to wear—soft and warm. A nice scarf to wear under a coat, especially if wearing a open neck or off the shoulder dress. 

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