Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Socks Were a Success

I baby sat two teething darlings last night when their parents went out to celebrate their 2nd annivesary. The girls were generally good, but had their cranky moments as teething babies will do. Miss C has two lower teeth, (no upper) but Miss J has 4 teeth—both of her upper and lower eye teeth, and is working on more.

I noticed after my summer bout of sickness, that I was much more sensitive to the cat –and had allergic reactions ever week after I visited—so I have been taking an allergy pill each week before I go visit. I forgot yesterday, and spent this morning with itchy eyes, sneezing, wheezing, and sniffling.

But the good news was the socks seem to be a perfect fit. The Chinese Long Tail cast on is stretchy enough, the sock height is right, and so is the foot. So Yay! This morning I wove in the tails and trimmed them—tomorrow they will go back to my S-I-L permanently.

I get delayed in starting the candy corn hats—I have (of course!) yellow, orange and white yarns.. but the orange yarn (Lion Brand Wool) was a pumpkin orange (actually a very attractive orange color) but not candy corn orange.

Smiley's Yarn (my local yarn store) was having a sale this week, and nothing on sale came in three appropriate shades, so the hats are being worked in the fail proof Red Heart—which comes in every color of the rainbow, and then some. The girls will get proper wool hats for the winter (December, January, and February) but for now, acrylic candy corn hats will do.

I looked through Ravelry  and didn't find a pattern I liked, so I am winging it.

First off, a pretty cast on—because I want something pretty to frame the girls faces. Channel Isle fit the bill. Then a few rows of garter, a natural go with for the Channel Isle cast on, and something to prevent a rolled edge. (I really don't like rolled edges). I worked the garter bit flat, I know the tricks about wrapping and turning, (and have used them) but when the garter stitches are needed at a cast on edge, I think it's just as easy to work flat, and sew the mini seam.

The shaping will be simple—4 decreases ever other round, to make a steep sloped triangle –not to dissimilar to the shape of a french/flat toe on a sock. A simple triangle, when worn, will change shape, (similar to the second image) and the sides will come lower on the head than center front.. so these hats will cover their ears..

Currently the girls have their Daddy's Little Deviled Eggs Hats, which fit their heads, but don't cover their ears.(and are wool) Not covering their ears is not an issue when cold days are in the 50°f (or about 12 to 15° c (I didn't look that up—I am just guessing—but I know I am close to being right)--but soon enough then will need more.
(Those are their puffy petal sweaters—made to fit for the moment—and now quickly becoming croped and ¾ sleeved!)--

My DD want cabbage patch kids “hair” hats.. but these are a lot of effort for heads that are still growing—maybe next year, when their head are closer to full sized. But they will get some sort of mock hair hats for christmas. I am just not sure which—maybe a viking helmet type hat, with braids.

And a bonus—one of my UFO's (a pair of secret socks) got a few rounds work –So my knitting mojo is coming back.. and the next few weeks should result in a number of FO's.

(The photo's of the girls are courtesy of their grandma, Lynne--from last weeks visit to the zoo)

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