Saturday, November 01, 2014

2,4, 6, 8

 The repeats, (all twelve rows of them) keep coming. And skein one hasn't give out yet.

3 inches, to 6 inches, to almost 9 inches now. Every inch knit from skein one gives me confidence that I will more than enough yarn to make a decent length scarf. Who knows, maybe a head band too, to cover the ears.

But I am getting ahead of my self. I haven't finished 8 repeats, just 7. The hollowed out skein still has pretty thick walls; and I do have almost 9 inches of the scarf knit. 5 (skeins) times 9 inches (already knit) would equal a 44 inch scarf (the barest minimum size) but since I still haven't used up all of skein one, it will be no problem to get a 44 to 48 inch scarf. And I likely won't need 5 skeins.  Maybe not even 4 skeins!  (This scarf will also help me decide what to do with the other skeins, too.)

I've considered the idea of fingerles gloves—but I am not sure if my SIL would wear them. He's pretty open, but I just don't think he is that metro-sexual. Men wearing fingerles glove is still not main stream. He does wear hats—not baseball caps (but he does have one) but real hats, fedora's and the like. A pork pie hat when camping. And the occasional knit hat. But a finely knit head band that covers mostly just his ears, would fit under a fedora. (snugly perhaps, but..)

Last winter was a cold one, and the global climate change hasn't settled into a firm pattern, but we are having our first winter storm this weekend—and its only mid fall. If this kind of weather keeps up, I will be knitting warm clothing and accessories for the rest of my life.

If I finish the scarf with just 3 skeins, I will have 2 left over taupe. With 2 each of white, green, taupe, plum and blue (10 skeins) I might have enough for a striped T-shirt or shell... There's a thought.

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