Sunday, November 09, 2014

A Deluge

It never rains but it pours, and I am flooded! And, Oh, what a glorious flood it is. Like a parched man stuck in a desert, I am reveling in glorious yarn that is raining down on me.

Last week, there was all the wonderful yarns from Monica, this week, I am glorying in home spun.
Back in the spring, I lent Robyn Love my (unused, and dusty) spinning wheel. Her wheel as busy supporting an art project. She offered money, but I asked instead for a single skein of some home spun—her choice of color and fiber. I love her wildly exuberant yarns.

This week end, she returned the wheel and a BAG full of skeins of wool—One for every month she borrowed it! Merino, BFL, Icelandic: single plys, 2 plys, and navaho plied skeins. Big ones, small ones, every color, every weight—What a glorious flood. I am awash in skeins of homespun, artisan yarns.

I am not sure what I will do with them—Except the grey—with 600+ yards, this is going to be a shawl/scarf of some sort... A rectangular one.. (my favorite shape)--a garter lace. The blend is Icelandic wool and alpaca—is angel soft, and lace fine, navaho plied. I'll have to wait to the new year, but....
And likely one of the skeins will be knit into a hat for my friend Debbie—but I will let her have some choice in which, and what yarn to use as a companion if one is needed.

Meanwhile, I got nothing done to the luxurious scarf on Friday, and a little more done on Saturday. Now there are 30 repeat done—and another 9 inches knit—bring the total to 40 inches or so of scarf. Just a little bit left of skein 3—with every row the skein is small is smaller and smaller...and the scarf longer and longer.. The end is in sight, but there are still yards and yarns to still be knit. Boredom is vying with excitement--I want the scarf to be finished and done, but I am losing interest in knitting it!
I want the ends to be symmetrical, too, I have decided. I will use a bit of the fourth skein, if needed, to insure this happens. Side to side, the scarf has 5 + ½ repeats, end to end I want the same thing--a half pattern repeat, so it looks the same as the cast on edge.  I like symmetry, and I think it add something.. an almost imperceptible detail. Almost imperceptible—but there, for when someone takes a closer look.

Then on to a bit of baby knitting—mitts, and booties, and hats and stuff... Stockings, too, for good measure. Winter is coming and the girls need stuff!

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