Saturday, November 15, 2014

Beginning to Take Shape

7 inches knit, and I've begun to bind off the back seam. The remaining stitches (about 40) will be bound off off 2 at a time, every row, to start, then 1 at time.   First on one edge, then on the other edge, until there is a nice little point.

Simple shaping, and simple peak for the back of the hood. Likely, I will bind off with a long tail left over, and use that tail to seam the back of the hood.

After that, i will pick up stitches, and begin the bib part of the hood. I am hoping to have it finished by next Wednesday visit, its cold enough today, and will be cold enough for the next few days for some warm winter wear.

The girls do have a collection of hats, but these hoods, unlike hats, will be harder for them to pull off.

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