Friday, November 21, 2014

Cob One, Done

Well it still needs its green husks, but I will knit the husks on all three cobs at once.

This corn on the cob is just about seven inches long, and 4 inches wide, but the nature of the work causes the corn to roll under. It's just the right size for a pot or fry pan handle, but it will also work well on roast pans with handles.

The stranded work provides 2 layers and the tightly work knitting creates air pockets, too, which are in effect another layer of insulation. The air pockets also created the effect of nibbles of corn, too.

The next ear of corn will be 2 shades of yellow, a very subtle variation in color, to make a common ear of corn. The last ear will be polychrome with blue and yellow and white making another version of Indian corn. Nice bundle of corns that will look cute hung on the wall (waiting to be used).

This project is a knit a bit and rest, but all told is only a few hours of work to knit. You too could have a bundle of corns for holiday. Even if you just start today. Mine are cotton, but wool is a good choice too—just allow a day to machine wash and full them – Wool ones are bit easier to knit, since you don't need to work as tight. You can let the fulling (aka felting) do some of the work.

Just don't make from synthetics—these can melt at oven temps (acrylic starts to melt at 250°) and are a hazard. You could make non usable decorative corn on the cobs, but why bother? Get some cotton or some wool and make some thing pretty and useful. 

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Judy said...

That is so neat! I can't wait to see the husks and how they are attached.