Monday, November 10, 2014

Done! Soon to be Finished—Finished, too!

Last night, I went brain dead for a few minutes, and just keep working the established pattern. Row after row, not changing to a new pattern after 6 rows. It got so bad, I had to frog—it was well beyond a tink. But in spite of the lapse of brain functioning, I manage to finish the knitting.

  I have 45 inches (Yay!) and about 1 yard left over from skein 3. What remains is grafting the bind off edge, weaving in the ends, and a bit of blocking.

Just after I wrote this, I was interrupted by telephone call, and as talked, I started the finishing... 30 minutes later, the cast off was grafted, and the ends were woven in—before I had taken any photographs! So, here is the scarf done and finished.

I am pleased with the results. The fiber is warm, and the texture provided by the seed stitch and ribbing will trap air and make the scarf warmer still. 

 The ends are identical (one has marker.. can you tell if it is the cast on or bind off?) --As you see, my obsession about cast ons and bind offs is reflected in my knitting.

It's long enough to wear as an ascot, (but I personally would find that too bulky!) or as a simple chest cross. The ribs bunch together at the back of the neck (no need to fold), and they flatten out nicely on the chest.  All in all,  I am very pleased with the Finished object. In spite of being bored a bit while knitting it, I love it.  The yarn made it a real pleasure in hand to knit, and it really knit up so beautifully.  Remember, this is it as comes off the needles--I still haven't blocked it.

Later today, I will cast on for hooded dickies for the girls. I bought this yarn before they girls were born, (and I bought a package of Lion Brand BonBon yarns) The BonBon yarns will brighten up the hoods, and be used for the pompoms.

Modern car seats for infants require the seat belts straps (a 5 point safety strap) be snug, in regular clothes. No bulky clothes and loosening up the straps to get the kids in. So, with this in mind, I will make some hoods, with a short back (to cover the neck, and a V shaped bib in front, with split shoulders.  The front bib will be over, not under the strap. Then the girls can be covered with a blanket. The hoods will keep their heads warm, even if the blankets slip. 

 When the time comes to take them out of the seats,  their hoods will stay in place, and they can be wrapped in a blankets. With the hood covering head, shoulders and chest, it will be easier to wrap them up.

DD and SIL have off the street parking, just a few steps from their apartment building door, so until they walk, this will be fine. Of course, the hoods will be fine for  this winter and next. The yarn is not super girly colors—but bright pompoms and jingle bells will add interest. They hoods will have matching mittens. The mittens will have thumbs, (but will be big enough not to need them.) My DD thinks she is going to coax little thumbs into place. Sweet dreams, on that!

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