Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hoods Started

I love how one yarn knits up, but not so much the other.. Oh well.quick little hoods for winter warmth.  More than 2 inches, but less than 3 at this point.

The addition of pompoms should help—a nice solid pompom
 to brighten up the colors There will be one at the back of the hood, and another at the tip of the bib—something to play with and distract the girls from the fact that their heads are covered. Something like this shape.

They have worn hats since they were born, but they still pull them off every chance they get. Modern sensibilities require no under the chin or around the neck ribbons or ties, so removing hats is really easy –even for an infant. These hoods will be a bit harder to remove—I hope!

The shape is simple, first a the hood, knit from front to back, flat. Then I will pick up stitches for the bibs, continuing to work flat. Then the back seam will be sewn, and the pompoms added. They won't be finished by tomorrow (when I see the girls again) but maybe next week.

At this point, the hood portion looks a bit small on HEAD, but the big difference between adults and infants is in the jaw. The upper portion of their head is almost full sized age 2, but the jaw bones are slower to grow—First they need their baby teeth and molars (which don't fully come in till after age 2, and the jaw continues to grow until all the secondary teeth come in (for some, this is as late as mid 20's.) These hoods will likely stretch and will fit snuggly on HEAD when done.  

For now these hoods will be plenty big.   

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Judy said...

I like the looks of this idea. I wonder if something like this would work for someone where a regular knit hat won't stay on their head?