Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I Was Supposed to Knit

Corn husks, but got distracted. Instead I start to work on the double knit square pot holder.
The husks are so quick and easy, I could knit them on the car ride from my place to the in-laws.

This pot holder is a big one. 10 inches across (which is big!) and its going to be over 12 inches long—Since it is cotton, it will shrink, more in length, than width, (so after being washed it will be close to a square). It will still be a big square, but sometimes with heavy pots, a big potholder is a nice thing.

Big pot holders become hot mats, easily too. Come January, when all my holiday knitting is done, I will make myself some new potholders for me. My current ones are 6 to 7 years old, and have been scorched over the years, and are looking pretty sad. And besides, I am going bored with them. Not so bored I won't knit some almost identical replacements—my red and white gingham will be replaced with a black and white gingham!

So here I am with 8  of 12 inches knit. A simple design, one side a solid, one side a polychrome, and a very simple interlocking pattern. Both of the yarns are Sugar'n Creme, Painted Desert and Gently Taupe. I consider the solid taupe to be the right side...

I saw my granddaughters yesterday, and brought them some small low voltage, battery operated holiday lights. They aren't really safe for unsupervised use, but they enjoyed playing with them as I watched. Bright lights are so much fun.

We went shopping, too. And I found and bought my newest, most favorite veggies. My neighborhood is rich with vegetable stores, and the selection of veggies is massive. But.... I LOVE the big bags of Green Giant diced (cubed really)butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and yellow (rutabaga) turnips. The fresh, not frozen ones.  I wish they also had carrots and parsnips, too.

I had a mix of all 3 last night, spiced and roasted, Yum! I like curried squash, too, and mashed rutabega, and … I got some of the precooked beets, too. My daughter has been raving about these for months, and I can see why. She makes “bread” out of them (follow a banana nut bread recipe, but sub mashed/pureed beets for banana's. Healthier, and visually, prettier. You can warm them up in a microwave, or eat them cold in a salad. They taste better than canned beets, as a bonus. Those who know me well, will be surprised by my writing a rave review of vegetables.

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