Monday, November 17, 2014

Lots of Progress

Finished the hood, (and even did a bit of seaming) Pick up stitches, and worked an inch of ribbing, went to a larger needle and started the bib part of the hood. I wove in a bunch of tails, too, leaving only the ones I'll use for further sewing.

It fits HEAD—but it is distorted on HEAD. The babies don't have as big a jaw, just cute little squared off faces, I am happy with the pixie point at the back of the hat, and will likely make some pompoms today, just to have them ready. The pompoms will have jingle bells, too.

So far, I have just 1.5 inches of the bib knit, and a full inch of that is the neck ribbing. I want about 2 to 3 inches in the back and 7 or more inches in the front.  So there is more to come, but the hoods are more than half done, too.

I have a Thanksgiving gift to knit (some holiday potholders) and then I will add some matching mittens and footed leg warmers to go with the hoods.

Knitting (and typing) has been tough, an acute attack of arthritis has left me limp wrist-ed—but like Monet said, the pain goes away, and the art remains. I am happy with these hoods—and look forward to seeing the girls modeling them on Wednesday. 

I took a few breaks when I was just in too much pain to knit—and continued to catch up on back episodes of Inspector Morse—I enjoyed this show when it was on PBS, but it was always scheduled at an inconvenient time. Earlier this week, I also managed to catch Endeavor—the adventures of Morse as a lowly constable. I only have a few more episodes left to watch—only 8 seasons of Inspector Morse are available on Netflix.    

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Finally finishing said...

I love your blog. You inspire me too. Happy Holidays. ( I had a hat similar to yours when I was a toddler)