Thursday, November 13, 2014

Moving Along

One row short of 5 inches done. I will need about 7 inches or so before I start shaping.

There are lots of ways to shape a hood—and several ways to knit one.

Some are sort of shaped like the heel of a sock, a flap for the top of the head, some short rows to shape the back, then stitches picked up along the edges of the flap. No gusset, just knit down for the desired length. Finish with ribbing round the front to frame the face.

My methods is simpler, a half square (almost) with some simple shaping (a point), folded, and the back seamed. The point will fall to make a pixie sort of shape. (And, in my case, will have a pompom.) When folded, the hood will be about 7.5 inches X 7.5 inches, (the pointed top will be longer).

Once the hood is finished (before seaming) I will pick up stitches on bottom edge, starting from the back edge working to the front, cast on some for under the chin, then continue picking up stitches—from front to back.

Theses stitches will be worked something like a raglan sweater, with a short back, and longer front, and just enough to cover the shoulders. The long front will be V shaped, and it too, will be finished with a pompom.

And yes, Judy, this hood (or other shaped hoods) are good for children or infants who tend to pull of hats. The bit in the back can be tucked into a jacket, (or even a sweater). Kids tend to pull of hats by pulling forward, and in the case of hood, they just can't pull them off that way!

After the hood, there will be matching mittens, and matching legging—Knee socks booties, that will be hard to pull off, too. As a infant, my DD hated mittens, and pulled them off repeatedly, (and then complained her hands were cold!) I suspect at least on of the girls will do likewise, if not both!

Both of the girls are adept at pulling themselves up into a standing position, and are practicing standing with out holding on to anything..

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Judy said...

Heck, I was thinking about my head! I haven't found a style of knit hat that will stay on my head.