Thursday, November 20, 2014

Not Finished

I have misplaced my Clover pompom tools... so while all the knitting is done, and all the ends woven in, there are no pompoms. But the girls wore the hoods yesterday, (and kept them on!) They were both unhappy with the hood at first, but we played “baby in the mirror” and they both stopped fussing with the hoods when they saw themselves. So I guess the girls like the hoods, too.

My DD first said Elf hats, and later gnome hats... but call them what you will, they fit, and they are functional. Next week footsies and mittens to match—and hopefully, some pompoms to sew on!

This week? Some quick potholders—for a hostess gift. Next week is the US Thanksgiving, and I'll be joining my DD and SIL at Grandma's—my SIL mother's house, with her husband. For us, it will be a classic trip—Over the river and through the woods—Grandma and hubby live beyond the suburbs—at the edge of the country (ie farms!)

I have already started the first pot holder—a pot handle style one that looks like corn on the cob. These are great for cast iron pot handles, and even for roasting pan handles. They are decorative too—perfect for Thanksgiving, but also great for the 4th of July—and most any time in-be-tween. They are easy—except for the tension. They are worked stranded style, (2 yarns, in 2 corny colors (yellows, creams, orange, for basic corn, but blues work too, and reds, for Indian style corn. But unlike standard stranded work, with these corns, you pull the yarns tight, and make the corn kernels pop up into rows, as they do. The fabric is more like corduroy, than flat knitting. My corns are being knit in Kitchen/Craft style cotton, and pulling the strands tight is hard on the hands.

I plan to make 3 corns, and one standard flat potholder—a double knit one of some sort. I love having decorative pot holders—I think they are fun. But potholders are practical too. And pretty ones are the best.

I will also be bringing bread, and maybe a vegetable casserole—DD is bringing Pumpkin pie, (her favorite) I might sneak in a small pecan pie. I am not much of pie fan, and tend to just eat the nuts of the top—but its our family tradition to have as many pies and we had vegetable dishes. So if I bring some veggies, I can bring a pie, too.

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