Wednesday, November 26, 2014

One Pot Holder, 2 Ears of Corn, Done

 And one more husk already started. The Corns Cob Pot holders will be done with time to spare. The finished potholder is 10 X 13, but cotton shrinks, in length, and tends to stretch in width, so after washing it will be close to an 11 inch square. The double knitting makes it thick enough as is, and plusher still after its been shrunk. But is really is a very large pot holder.  I like these over sized potholders as mini place mats—especially useful for those occasions when you heat up some left overs by microwave and sit on the sofa and relax. It's big enough to hold a plate and protect your lap. I have also used these as hot mats for the table, too.

There is, in the upper left hand corner, a flat loop for hanging the potholder up. There are loops in the back of the corn cob husks, for just the same thing. Living all my life in the small kitchens of NY, I long ago learned to to up and hang things, since I’ve never had enough room to put things like cutting boards or potholders away in (non-existent) drawers or cabinets.

Next up on my list are some mittens and socks for the girls... It's raining and snowing today, (but still above freezing) but tomorrow will be colder. There is a warm-up again over the weekend. Most of the really cold weather in NYC comes in January and February, and I need to be ready.

Secondly, the girls need some christmas stockings to hang—there is no mantel to hang them on, (not even a fake one, like I had as a child)--but something pretty, all the same.

Come the new year, I will do some knitting for me! Some potholders, a vest (or two!) hats, and socks and who knows what else. If this year follows as last few, I won't do much knitting in the summer (or much blogging either) Come the fall it will be time to work on new sweater and hats and gloves for the girls!.

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