Thursday, November 06, 2014

Progress Halted

Last night I had a unexpected stint babysitting—and two lovely girl they were. It was a short gig, mama, my DD, had a board meeting (She is a member of her co-op board). I watched, or tried to watch Jeopardy but Miss C got so excited, she drowned out the answers with her super energetic bounce routine. I finally had to put my foot down—literally and figuratively.. I was afraid she was going to topple the floor based bouncy seat. It has a wide, weighed base, but Miss C was lifting the base as she bounced and gyrated. I add my weight (via my foot) to further stabilize the bouncy seat.

Her sister, Miss J was recklessly driving her sit in-her car shaped walker, and after crashing into the coffee table, was removing books, (childrens books), glancing at the covers, and dropping them to the floor Before the night was over , she had just about cleared everything from the cluttered table top, not once but 3 times! Nana played along by picking up the books again and again.

I got to feed them their dinner, too. While they had identical portion of identical food, each found each others food more interesting. I had left the TV on, but switched to PBS, and the both of them were fascinated by the Nature special on sloths. If I moved and blocked their view of the baby sloth, they became agitated. But it made it easy to feed them both at once—between mouthfuls of food they watched the sloth.

Still, I got some knitting done before babysitting, and more on the bus on my way there.. and Skein 2 has bit the dust! What's more, I end skein 2 with not the desired 29 inches, (14.5 +14.5) but with 29.5 inches. 3 inches isn't much progress, and certainly less than I expected, but finishing the skeins is a nice landmark, and finishing with a bonus half inch is wonderful.

Every knitter knows, (or eventually learns) that while skeins are close, (and almost never short) they do often vary—by 1% or less, though, in some places, the legal limit is up to 3% difference is allowed. So, 135 yards is 4860 inches, and 1% of that is up to 48 inches—more than a yard, and 3% is 4 yards! Plenty enough yarn to do a few rows of knitting in a narrow scarf like this.

I got a few more rows in before I hit the sack.. (a full 30 inches!) Nice progress for the week. Now with 2/3rds of the scarf knit, I am on the down hill side of knitting it. I am a bit bored, but I want to race to the finish.   

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