Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Row by Row, Repeat by Repeat

The inches are adding up. There are twenty repeat of the pattern now, and 26 inches of the scarf knit.
There is still a shell of yarn to knit in cake/skein two, to knit, (and ideally, there will be 29 inches knit before it comes to an end) but I am pleased with this week's progress. And the bulk of today's knitting is still to come!

I've said it before (and |I'll say it again, no doubt) but I hate knitting scarves! They are so boring! Really, since yesterday, all I have done is 48 rows. Nothing really. The yarn makes this scarf more pleasurable than most. but it is still boring.    And in spite of my dislike (of scarves), I knit them again and again.. (there are a good half dozen scarf ideas in my mental queue of projects, and more if you include shawls!)

But I will reward myself when this scarf is finished, with some fun hats, and some quick and easy projects for my granddaughters, and come the new year, I will return to selfishly knitting for ME. Socks for me, Vests for me, and maybe even a sweater for me! (And, of course, a scarf for me!)

I like scarves that have interesting stitches, or techniques, but the problem is, there are very few stitches or techniques that are still interesting after a dozen repeats. Still,   I've had in my mental queue, Anne Modeisiett's Leaf scarf—I have a greenish taupe (and/or a pastel, buttery yellow) alpaca to make it with—but as interesting as looks (and that is what I like best, scarves that are more of a fashion accessory, than a warm garment) I am afraid I will grow bored.

Secondly, I have a dozen or so knit scarves that are fashion accessories.. Do I need another? Well of course not, but I must knit something with all this stash SABLE that I have!

And MORE yarn is coming—A minor favor is being repaid with a skein of homespun—a special treat. I am so excited, I can hardly wait. It is a complete surprise-I have no idea of the color, or fiber, or gauge...The spinner is an artist, and make lovely color combinations... So what ever it is, it will be wonderful.

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