Sunday, November 02, 2014

Skein 1 Bites the Dust

Sunday at Noon:
The scarf had 11 pattern repeats, (plus a few rows of repeat 12) and was 14.5 inches. 3 times that, (3 X 14.5) will yield a 43.5 inch long scarf. So I have some options. While 43.5 is a smidgen smaller than I desire, it's so close, one option is to just leave it at that, a half inch short of my desired 44 inches.

Should I decide to use a bit of skein 4, and bring the scarf up to a full 44 (or even 45) inches, it won't take much-- leaving me with a 1 full and one 99% full skein to something else with. Whether that something else will be something striped or patterned—using up all the odd balls, or will be a head band to match the scarf still has to be decided.

But what ever I decide, I am close to being 1/3rd done! Since I hate knitting scarves--(they are so boring!) its nice to have made this much progress in this little time.

I am really very happy with stitch pattern—I like it spread out, and flat, and scrunched up and corrugated, too.

Since then, repeat 12 was finished, and 13 and, too, and the scarf is now 16 inches long.

I finally got around to looking up the yarn—Crystal Palace Yarn's Crème –But what I have doesn't match up with the yarn in Ravelry's data base. This yarn was put up in hanks, of 135 yards, (though most of the skeins have been made into cakes) and this Crème is 50/50 wool and silk, (not 60/40 wool and silk)--I suspect this yarn is even older that the Ravelry entry (which is dated 2007!) It's not a cheap yarn either—the labels (well some of the labels) have $9.60 tags on them. This is the kind of yarn I usually look at, and fantasize about, but can't afford to buy.

It is a joy to have this yarn slip between my fingers. I hope my SIL likes it too.

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