Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Hard Part is Done

Three ears of corn knit—Today, the easy part, the husks will be knit. The third ear is a mostly blue Indian corn—making for a nice mix of colors. Blue corn is popular everywhere today, but it really wasn't common in the north east at the time of the first Thanksgiving. But these aren't sacred icons, but just pretty functional pot holders. 

To create the columns of kernels, is tight, hard work. The knitting is simple, basically, garter stitch, after 2 rows of stocking knit to start. 

Row 1: K3 of color A, K3 of color B, repeat, and end with color A
Row 2: K3 of color B, K3 of color A, repeat and end with color B

When you are working the Knits on the wrong side of the work, the yarns cross, and get pulled as tight as possible to make the raised ridges, and deep ditches that really contribute to the illusion of corn kernels all in neat columns. The inelastic cotton is tough work to knit, especially when when worked tight. The results are worth it, though, I think. These corns look corny.. and the raised ridges and tight knitting cause the knitting to naturally curl under—and at the same time make the pot holders functional.

Next up, some 'husks' and these are easy. First, while I will still be working with cotton, I don't have to work tight. Second, even with 3 husk leaves per ear of corn, the husk leaves are shorter and narrower than the corn, so there are a lot few stitches to knit. A bit of finishing (sewing the husks to the ears) and all three will be done.

I always like to add a bit of husk stem—and use this to hid a hanging loop, as well as make the ears of corn a bit more realistic. I've decided on a dusty olive green for the husks.. not a bright one. I toyed with the idea of tan yarn, or a pale tawny yellow one—but the husks tend to stay green when wrapped around an ear.

I will be out and about tomorrow, and likely won't post anything. You'll have to wait till Tuesday, and maybe by then, I have some progress on the double knit companion pot holder to show you!

PS--an update, Husk 1, done.  The rest will be done tonight.   I couldn't decide which image to post, --As they will be hung,  or as they grow...

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