Saturday, November 22, 2014

Two Ears Knit

This second ear is a little bigger, being both wider and longer. But then, ears of corn some in different sizes, don't they? The reason is I somehow miscounted..

There are different patterns for the corn cob potholders, all very similar, but with different cast on numbers. Some make the 'clumns' of kernels 3 stitches wide, others make the coumns 4 stitches wide. I like the 3 stitch rows. In both cases, there are an uneven number of columns—9, or 11, (or even 13 columns, with finer yarns.)  I PLANNED on doing 11 columns (or 33 stitches ) but for the first corn, I only cast on 18, stitches, and at row 3 increased to 27, so I only had 9 columns of kernels. That is what comes of casting on after 8.. (when I lose my ability to count!)

Corn cob 2, I cast on 22 stitches, and later increased to 33 stitches. With a wider cob, I decided to make the ear of corn a few rows longer, too.

It made from 2 very similar shades of yellow cotton. Over the years, I have bought cotton for specific projects (I've made these corn cob potholders before), and I have bought cotton (on sale) just to have for some day. I have no brand loyalty—I buy Lion Brand cotton, Lily's Sugar and Creme, Elmore-Pisgah's Peaches and Creme, Bernat's Craft cotton... and other brands. Every brand has colors I like, and occasionally, similar but different colors that work well together. I haven't noticed any huge difference is quality—I like all the brands equally. The biggest difference are the colors and sizes of the skeins.

The Peaches and Creme, called Yellow, has a subtle hint of orange—a very yellow-marigold yellow, the Sugar and Creme, called Sunshine, is a purer, buttery yellow. Together, it's hard to tell 2 colors are in play—but the result is more dimensional yellow than a single color could provide. It also makes it easy to keep track of which yarn to use. The differences are subtle, but there is a clear difference when being knit.

The third ear will be more of an Indian color.. More blues and red kernels. That ear should be finished tomorrow (I did 90% of the second yesterday, and finished up the last few rows this morning)

I might start the green husks Sunday evening, or not. But I will easily have them finished by Monday evening. Monday is once again acting like a Wednesday, and I will be with my Granddaughters, so there won't be much knitting in the day time—except for the bus ride to and fro.  The green husks are easy to knit, In some patterns the husks are crocheted, but I will knit mine.  Sewing them on is the  most time consuming part of the whole project.  I don't have any yellow-green for the husks--I haven't decided to go with a bright green or an olive one.  I won't decide till the last minute.

Then I will complete the set with a double knit potholder –or at least that is the plan. Thursday is not that far away!

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