Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Hat...

How about that! And what a lovely hat it is!  Started Monday, finished Wednesday.

I've liked this stitch pattern forever, and kept saying to my self, I should knit this up in something, and now in a month, month and a half, or so, I have knit 4 hats, and cowl using this pattern, With each new project, I like the pattern more and more.

Specifically, I like that the pattern is jog-free—Naturally. See photo to the left.  The jog is slightly noticeable at the hem/cast on edge, but no where else.

 I really don't mind jogs, and never make much effort to hide them, but it is nice when a pattern work out to be naturally jog proof. It means those who care are happy, and those who don't are too.

I like how this pattern looks, when done in solids, and when done in polychromes..The hats I have made have been knit flat, (stranded color work) and seamed, knit in the round, and lined, and now, double knit –or warm, warmer and warmest versions, plus a cowl.. A whole lot of ways to use this diamond pattern.

I like this hat so much, I am going to make another--in different colors, but the same pattern.

Tomorrow, I will start a pair of booties for the girls, (maybe with matching Mittens). And if not matching blue mittens, some sort of mittens.. Maybe a red or pink pair of mitten too, for Valentines day. There is plenty of winter left.

Before that, I will rustle up some sock yarn to finish the brightly colored socks that are toe-less for the moment.

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