Friday, January 30, 2015

And Now, The Socks are Done

I had some orange sock yarn, not a bright as the orange in the color way, and I had some cherry red, which was a very good match, and I had some purple. There is only smidgen of purple in the colorway, but it blends in nicely.

So I add in some rows of orange, and cherry and purple, and alternated with the brightly colored yarn, and just had enough to finish the toe.. (inches left over!) I ran out of yarn for one toe long before I was finished, but the second sock had more yarn, and in the end it worked out.

What a pain though, all the ends to weave in. Because it is the toe of the sock, I didn't want to carry the orange yarn up 7 rounds.. so each pair of stripes is a pair of ends to weave in. 10 ends alone from the stripes, and the cast on and bind off, plus one more set of ends from when I ran out of yarn. I only had one mini skein of each color, so I was working using inside and out sides of the mini balls, and that just made for trouble.

These aren't favorite socks, but socks are socks. They will be worn. They are loose around ankles on LEGS, but they fit my ankles just fine.

So as the month comes to an end, I have 3 projects completed: a pair of socks, a cowl and a hat.

And I am close to completing the documentation for the hat and cowl—these patterns should be up just as the month draws to a close. A good month!

I am going to knit a swatch first for the booties, and then I will sort through the sock yarn and find some go together scraps for a pairs of mittens. I have a lot of white, and some black, and navy, Miss C has a navy coat with white polka dots, and Miss J has a pretty hot pink coat.

And I have yarn left over from their hoods—which have worked out very well—The girls hated them at first, but now... they wear them with out protest, and never try to pull them off. They now know how to pull them off! These little ones are just too smart for their own good.

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