Monday, January 19, 2015

Change Up

My fingers were stiff and getting stiffer.. I needed a break from fine stitches. No problem, there was the cowl I cast on last week.. I was just going to knit a row or two to loosen up my joints..

Well, one row became two—and two became four, and here I am, with 18 rows of a 24 row pattern complete. I have made several hats with this pattern—One knit flat, one in the round, lined for extra warmth, and now a double knit cowl. The previous hats used multi color yarns, paired with a solid, this is the first time I am making this pattern up with 2 solids.

I can't decide which I like better.. I certainly like the crisp lines of solids—but then I like the colors, too. I think I would like this cowl even better in Black and White! (but I didn't have any black—and this is a really nice blue)--and I think it would work well in near matching colors, cream white and almond, or in 2 shades of grey.  I usually like high contrast, but sometimes a subtle pattern can be very nice, too.  Decisive, aren't I?

But then I really like this stitch pattern—It would work well too, in 2 hand painted yarns, or in 2 gradient color yarn. I am working on the blue diamond/white background side, but the white diamond /blue background side is nice, too. So many choices.. solid yarn or not, hi-contrast or low, this side or that—I like them all.

This yarn is Lion Brand Alpine wool, a single ply yarn. Soft and cushy, with a nice hand, too.  It's about 32 inches round, (loose) and about half done...I still have yarn in the skeins—not enough for the 6 remaining rows of the full repeat, likely, but the cowl is already 5 inches tall, 6 more rounds will be another 2 inches—for 7 inches. I think 10 inches or maybe 11 inches will be more than enough--and 14 will be too long.. but I haven't decided yet on exactly how long it will be.

It not so big or bulky that it can't be worn inside a jacket,--but it is loose enough that it could be worn out side of a jacket, and you could pull it up to cover your mouth and nose to protect them from wind and wind blown snow or rain.  So I want it short enough to fit inside and long enough to work outside, too.  

I am going to finish off the fist 2 skeins today, and then head back to the socks, and finish them.

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