Friday, January 09, 2015

I Used to LOVE Winter

As it slogged on, the lack of sunshine made it depressing, but I really liked the cold weather. Not anymore.. I feel the cold, (and feel cold) all winter now, and when there is a real cold snap, I positively hate winter!

Problem is, I still don't like the heat of summer! I still cross streets (out of my way) to walk on the shady side, and not in direct sun light, and never sit in the sun--(not a good idea anyway with my fair skin and vanity)..

It's like I lost my happy time. Wednesday, a 2 block walk left me chilled to the bone—hot soup, mountains of blankets, and a 2 hour nap were needed to recover. Today is a bit milder, and will find me out and about—running errands and what not... but I will be very bundled up (the temps today promise to hover around 32°/0°--not really that cold (and balmy compared to the sub freezing temps on Wednesday and yesterday!)

I have been down in the dumps—but now I am picking up again—and knitting again.

My plan was to spend this first quarter of the year knitting for me... I made a list—First, Finish not 1, but 2 pairs of socks, then a cowl, and hat for a friend, (She, too, USED to love winter –she looked forward to skiing, and ice skating, and now, she want to buy those small chemical hand warmers that hunters use!)

I make a list and numbered it.. And then totally ignored it.

So on my list (as I first wrote, it, before re-ordering into first, and second, and so on)

A pink shell, (like the green one I knit 2 years ago) worked in sock yarn.
A forest green vest worked in a lovely merino, (with some white trim?) from yarn that Monica shared with me
A set of sweaters for the twins, in the clown barf color way (this yarn also from Monica)
A double knit cowl—I've already written the pattern, I just want to make up a sample.
A hat for Debbie—also double knit for extra warmth
A sweater (in wool/stash) in dark and light turquoise, plus white.
A turquoise sweater coat—this has been on my mental queue for about 4 years now...i have the yarn in my stash.
Several pairs of booties, for the girls, including the blue footed boobies booties..
Mittens for the girls (to match their hood, which are a real success.)
Plus I have been thinking about what to do with my bonus of hand spun....

So what am I knitting? Socks. Not the UFO's but a new pair. Note: new socks are not on my list!
The socks are a pretty yarn and simple stitch, (a spiral rib of a sort) I have an inch knit. I forget the name of this pattern—its about 7 years old, from Knitty—and a nice simple pattern for this busy yarn-- P2, K6, repeat... next round, offset K1, P2, K5, and then each round after offset again (k2, P2, K4-- and so on. The original pattern called for 64 stitches, but a smart knitter pointed out, if you decrease 1 in the first round, the spirals work better. So I am working the 63 stitch version.

This yarn is Filatura Lanarota “Fashion Toes”, Filatura Lanarota is a 'code name' for Plymouth yarns—and Fashion Toes =Happy Feet. The Lanarota brand is for discontinued colors, or over stocks, what ever. (This colorway seems to be discontinued) My LYS stocks this yarn, and I bought it on sale for $2.99—a can't beat price for this lovely yarn--(there is a sale again, next week, I am planning to pick up some more-I have made scarves and other items with this yarn—and love it. The “normal prices” at my LYS is $3.99—a great price for 50g's of 90% wool/10%nylon sock yarn but at $2.99 it is a super bargain! $30 worth would be enough for a very nice top--(but I don't think I will be buying that much!)

After these, some mittens and booties, and then I don't know—maybe the shell in pink sock yarn (Lion Brand's Sock Ease) and a vest or two—and.... then I will hit the summer slump, and spend days at the pool and not get much knitting done at all!

But before then, I hope to get some new videos made. I have added some links, and better organized my web page, but I do need new videos, too.

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