Saturday, January 17, 2015

Inching Along

Yesterday, the foot was just short of 4 inches long. Today, fractionally past 6 inches. So the sock is coming along. The foot is perfect, with 60 (not 63/64) as my stitch count. Snug and comfy.

What is interesting is the yarn—and how, as the stitch count changes, the result move from Puddling, to Muddling, to Spiraling. I think the stitch pattern breaks up all three patterns fairly well.. but the underling color patterning is much more evident in the photo's.. (and on the sole of the foot.)

It's fairly easy to see the pink puddles on the leg—and how the puddling pattern changes as the gussets get worked, and the stitch count is constantly changing. Now that the stitch count has stabilized, the spiral is running counter to the stitch pattern, and easily visible if you look for it.

I am rapidly running out of yarn. I have no idea of the yardage in the skeins.   I found an old blog post from Nov '09, about this yarn. NOT Filatora Lanaroto... but some unknown yarn (maybe Cherry Tree Hill?) When did I buy it? Or was it from a swap? I didn't know then, and 5 years later, I am even less sure!

The cakes of yarn are slim—and I wonder if I have enough yarn to finish. They might end up with some simple solid color yarn to finish up the toes.. Or maybe not.. I'll figure out as I get closer to the toes.  

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

I'm crazy in love with that sock yarn. I'll just look back in your blog to see what it is. The socks are fabulous! I can't wait to start a pair as soon as the pink stardust cardi is done. Happy Knitting OfTroy!