Friday, January 23, 2015

Lots of Knitting

Not a lot of progress. Because sandwiched between the knitting was some frogging.

I don't know where I was mentally when I knit the last 2 rounds that finished the set of left leaning diamonds, but it certainly was not any where my knitting. As I started the next round –what I found was error, after error, after compound error—that is, a mistake I made 4 rounds previously, and had just continued! (Looking again at Wednesday's post and I see a half dozen errors alone in the photo!)

I am back on track now.. and the cowl is 9.5 inches long, and I am going for 11. I decided I wanted it long enough to wear as a hood –in which case it needs to be long enough to tuck into a jacket collar in back) or resting on my shoulders, and half covering my face (loosely!)--A double duty bit of knitting.

But I don't want to push it—and run out of yarn, and have to frog back (again!)

I want to finish it up today—and maybe I will.

This morning I made a quick little video on Interlocking Jacquard Double Knitting—which is what this cowl is. I figured it out on my own, (it took a couple of tries) but now days, the video tutorials are the way to go. One picture really  is worth a thousand words!

Thankfully, this winter has been so mild, I haven't needed anything like this. There have been a few cold days, and a few snow days—One is coming tomorrow. But today is above freezing, and the snow will be mixed with rain. And here in NYC, it promises to be a mostly rain event.

Tomorrow will also be the Girls (the twin girls) birthday party.. so I will be out and about. But I have umbrellas galore.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you are prepared for your horrid weather. Take care, keep warm and safe.