Wednesday, January 21, 2015

More Cowl

I could have dug out the big bag of left of sock yarn and found some yarn to finish the toes of the socks. Most often, I find 40 odd grams of sock yarn is plenty enough for a sock, so I have lots of mini skeins. Yet another reason why running out of yarn with the bright socks is so annoying!

I plan to do somethings with this yarn.. something big (a blanket?) and a bunch of small things, including a pair of crazy socks. But I can spare some for sock toes!  Instead, it was easier to work on the cowl.

Blue Diamonds on white
First off, I know I have enough yarn to complete this, and second off, the yarn was already started. And finally, I have just gotten to the point where I once again know the pattern, and can work with out reference to the chart.

White Diamonds on blue
It is not incredible hard, but it is a pattern that requires attention  Besides, the pattern is one for what ever reason, I find hard to remember. There are always some stripes going to the left, and a bunch more going to the right—Until it changes and more are going left, and fewer are going right.

Right now, I have just finished the left leaning stripes, (which is about 1.3 repeat) and the cowl is 8 inches (and bit). I keep trying it on, and I think I want more. I would be pushing it if I tried to do another full repeat, (Since I didn't get a full repeat out of my first 2 skeins of yarn!) and at this point, its is somewhat symmetrical—the pattern started with the beginning of a right leaning diamond, and now its at the end of left leaning diamond. I think I might continue till there is 1.5 repeat—which will be a Right leaning diamond, a left leaning diamond and the another full right leaning diamond.

It is so warm and cozy, but I want it a little taller. I am really loving this cowl. I definitely want to keep this for my self, but I am thinking about making another—to share with a friend who is always cold--maybe just another cowl, (not this stitch pattern).  But I have so many other things to knit--It might be April before I get around to it.

Did I mention I am also writing up the pattern for this? Well I am. I want to have a finished photo, and final row count, but much of the pattern is already to go.

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