Sunday, January 11, 2015

More Knitting Done

And even more—since the photo was taken.

This pattern (of raised diagonal ridges) is a nice simple one, and I like the way it breaks up the pooling that this yarn tends too. But this is a heavy sock yarn, and these are big socks with 63 inches.

I have worked some more rounds. 

See in the image how one diagonal ridge starts at the upper left, just below the cuff? And how this ridge has moved 3/4th 's of the way across the fabric? 

 Since yesterday PM when I took the photo, till now, the ridge has move all the way across the leg of the sock and it now ends at bottom right. The leg portion is just a bit over 4 inches long—which for me, is a somewhat short leg.

But I am starting the heel now. As I do, I will decrease, and the foot portion of the sock will be worked on 4 fewer stitches This will provide some negative ease--Right now, the sock have almost none.. (another reason for a short leg!) 

It will work out fine, because the diagonal ridges won't be continued on the sole of the sock.

I want to have them finished by mid week (Wednesday) –and get started on some booties for the girls next.

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