Thursday, January 15, 2015


Flap?       Finished
Heel?      Turned
Stitches?   Picked up
Gusset?   6 rounds complete.

It's down hill for now, with decreases every other round, whittling stitches away, shaping the last bit of the heel shaping. Its going to take a while to finish the gusset. First off, I started the heel with 32 stitches, and want to end with 30. Second, after the turning, I had 18 stitches, I picked up 16 on each side of the flap +1 more in each corner—so 32 +2 Picked up, +18 =52, and I want end with 30, so that is 22 stitches to decrease, (at the rate of 1 per round). In this detail shot, it's hard to see the plus 1 stitches in the corner of the flap--but it's easy to see--NO hole at the corner.  Look again and you can see that I use 2 garter stitches a selvage on my flap.  I like the look, and I think it makes its easier to pick up all the stitches snugly.  
 I am 6 rounds into the gusset, with 16 more rounds till it is finished. The best part is the round get shorter and short.. 52 stitches one one side/half of the sock is closer to 60 than 30—and it feels it. The instep (still in pattern, and already reduced to 30 stitches) side of the sock is done is seconds, the heel side still feels like it takes forever to knit.

But by the time the gusset is done, I will have 4 or so inches of foot portion done, the toes will be started 2 inches before the end, and this will leave just 3 inches of foot.

This is why I always feel that the foot of the sock goes by so quickly. Yes, the gussets are a bit slow, and I always moan and groan, but every row is easier.. And there is so little to do after the gusset—Then BAM! And the socks are done!

The next time I photograph the socks, they will be on LEGS, looking like socks.

And because, (which is no reason at all) I have started the cowl on my to do list. Just the cast on and join. But it is started all the same. Its a nice break to switch from size 2.5 needles and work on size 8.  I am using Lion Brand Alpine wool, and it is soft and luxurious. I love this yarn! I have a few balls in my stash, and now I am wondering why I don't have more. 

Of course the truth is, I need more yarn about as much as I need to gain weight (Right, like I need to gain weight) To make things worse, next week Smiley's is having a store sale, with sock yarns on sale and some lovely silk and wool blends, and.... I intend to get to this sale... I haven't been to a Smiley's sale in months. So it will be a new years treat.

There internet sale prices are good too, but the $50 minimum makes them less attractive to many knitters. Clearly, Smiley's is a great place to eshop if you are a member of a group. 4 or 5 knitters could easily spend $10 to $12 (and end up with great buys on sock yarn, or beautiful scarves from silk and wool blends.) and make the $50 minimum –There is only one yarn that is $5 a skein (a 50/50 silk wool blend)- Most of the yarns are $2.99 (and many are less).  At those prices, $50 buys a lot of yarn!

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

I hope you meet some lovely sock yarns at the sales.

As soon as the two sweaters are fully on their way again, I'm casting on some socks.