Friday, January 16, 2015

Twenty Rows Later...

Heels have gussets, and the sole of the foot, measuring from the beginning of the heel turn, measure 3.75. Three more inches of foot, and just a little than three  inches for the toe.... Round and round we go, to a finished pair of socks!

The cuffs and leg are very loose on my LEGS, but I have thick peasant bones, and wide feet, and the cuff, while not snug,  isn't at all loose. The foot portion of the sock is 4 stitches (½ inch) narrower, and grips my feet much better.

Here is a better view of the picked up gusset stitches, and the nice tight corner a well picked up plus 1 stitch.  I use Charlenes Schurch's method--make one stitch out of 1/2 stitch on flap and 1/2 stitch on instep. I think this is the best method, (well its the best for me!)

I want these finished and to start some booties for the girls... (and to continue with the cowl that is still sitting at “just started” ) so its off to knit it go!

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